Home Insurance And Tips To Prevent Water Damage

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Every year, thousands of homeowners file claims for water damage. Something that all of these homeowners have in common is the fact that they have homeowners insurance in Texas.

The insurance industry pays out millions of dollars for these types of claims, but there are several ways to avoid serious water damage. Although prevention is the best cure, it’s important to have homeowners insurance in Texas as a backup plan https://www.texasquotes.com/homeowners-insurance/.

Many Texans believe that a little bit of water won’t hurt their home. The problem is that everyone is different, so the amount of water that one person considers tiny could be a huge amount in the eyes of another. In most cases, a very small amount of water won’t require you to get on the phone and consult your homeowners insurance in Texas.

However, it’s not uncommon for a small amount of water to be a sign of a much larger problem. To protect your wallet and home, there are many ways that you can prevent water damage.

Test for Leaks

If you have homeowners insurance in Texas, you should still test your home for leaks. You never know if your home has several hidden leaks, which could be causing mold to grow. A great way to test for leaks involves looking at your water meter.

You can start by checking the reading on your water meter. Next, don’t use any water for a few hours and check the meter. If your water meter doesn’t have the same reading, then you could have hidden water leaks in your home.

Know Where the Shutoff Valve Is Located

A great way to avoid having to consult your homeowners insurance in Texas is to make sure everyone in your home knows where the water shutoff valve is located. Every home should have a shutoff valve, and the whole family should know where it’s at.

If you have kids, they might come home from work and have to deal with flooding. By shutting off the water, you can prevent additional damage, which you might end up having to pay for out of pocket.

Check Appliances Regularly

It’s always a good idea to have homeowners insurance in Texas, but there are steps that you can take to prevent water damage. A great tip consists of regularly checking your appliances.

Make sure all household appliances that use water are maintained regularly. If any appliances show signs of corrosion or leaking, you should have them professionally repaired.

Test Water Pressure

Even if you already have Texas homeowners insurance, you might not be covered for water damage. An easy way to prevent damage is to test your home’s water pressure. To accomplish this task, you can use a hose bib gauge, which can be purchased from the local hardware store.

The gauge must be attached to the outside spigot, and after you open the spigot, it will give you a reading. If you get a reading above 85, you should consider talking to a professional plumber because there could be too much pressure in your pipes.

When your home’s water pipes are carrying too much pressure, they can burst or start leaking, which can cause serious water damage.

Get a Policy

While most types of water damage can be prevented, there are some that are out of your control. An excellent backup strategy involves getting homeowners insurance in Texas.

An insurance policy will cover damages caused by excessive moisture, so you won’t have to pay out of your own money. If you’re already paying for homeowners insurance in Texas, it’s important to check your policy.

You might be paying for a policy that doesn’t cover water damage so make sure to look into it. A quick call with the insurance agent who sold you homeowners insurance in Texas should be more than enough to clear up the matter. All Texans can use these tips to prevent water damage and make sure their home is protected with an insurance policy.